Muddy Good Run


Children's Event

This event will be approximately 1.5km's taking in obstacles, MUD, WATER and the BIG slippery slide, this will challenge the children and take a lot of the extra energy out of them to make the rest of your day that much easier for you.

Entry Fee just $25.00 and limited to 200 children in each age group 

The children's race will take in up to 5 mud pits a 30 meter slippery slide, camo crawl and hay bale climbs, tyre runs, car climb over and heaps more.

Race briefs and best dressed will be at 8:40am for all Children .

Children's race is first starting at 9:00am with 13 year olds and will be followed in approximately 15 minute intervals although this could be shorter. All children must run in their correct age group.


Junior KIDZ Mud Run starts at approximately 10:30am and is for 4-6 year olds and limited to 200 Children.  

All Junior Kidz must be accompanied by a parent/guardian and will run approximately 500-600 metres taking in mud pits, crawling under cars, camo net crawl, tyre run and even climb over a car "parents call"

This is a great event and will start in waves, this is not timed and heaps of FUN for Parents and Children.

If a Child is doing the family race and racing in their age Category they have to be registered for the 2 Races, they won't be able to start in their age category if they haven't registered, numbers will be different.

Race Pack Pick Up

Your Race Pack needs to be picked up prior the event.

Children's race packs have to be picked up otherwise they won't be able to start as they won't have their race number.